Ms. Jenny Lynds

cool    WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL Students and Parents! 

Upcoming events- Reach for the Top REGISTRATION FEE 25$ is Due ASAP

                             Reach for the Top will meet Days 2,4 ,6,7

                             Encounters essays due when possible


 OCTOBER 2 , 2013


Homeroom 11-1 -  Picture forms and money are due ASAP  :)


 GHS12-   1.  15facts and reflection due Monday September 30

2. Work on RP Visual due Monday Oct 7 


 Research Paper-  Topic - September 18th

                             Visual - October 7th

                             Thesis Intro- October 16th

                             Rough Draft- November 13th

                             Final Paper- November 20th

 GGS 12-

no homework  

EC 11-

1.  15 things that surprise you and 1 page reflection due Monday September 30

2.  Test Wednesday October 2- Types of Markets and Economies



1. Artist biography- students should work on this over the weekend but will have time to complete in class on Monday. 

2. Test #1 - Friday October 4th-  Intro to course and Canaidian Identity notes and activities.




LAW 12 -


CH 11-AC-

Research Paper-  Topic 




                             Rough Draft  

                             Final Paper